Sadie – 20 Months Old Update

When people said to me ‘they grow up so fast!’, I used to roll my eyes and think ‘no they don’t! She’s still little!’ But. Oh. My. God. All of a sudden she’s 20 months old and an actual little girl running around my house and bossing me about. I’m constantly getting distracted looking at old baby videos on my laptop when I should be writing blog posts but I just cant believe she’s the same baby.

     The past few weeks she has really changed. I don’t know if its moving up to the toddler room in nursery but she is just so independent now and talking a lot. 



Her speech has really come on now. We really have to watch what we say around her, especially me who swears like a trooper; she is like a little parrot and will literally repeat everything. Her favourite words are ‘no’ and ‘mine’ at the moment which is fun. She is getting pretty good with being able to tell us what she wants with her words but sometimes I just cant get what she’s trying to tell me and she will get so frustrated and starts screaming. 

     She knows to say ‘thank you’ when I give her something and ‘please’ when she wants something. She can also point to things she wants and say ‘this one’ or ‘more’. Makes my life a hell of a lot easier.



She has always been pretty good at independent play; she always wanted some kind of attention from us and for us to show her how to do things a lot. Lately she will need us less and I can see her actually using her imagination and acting her own games out. She loves her new tea set and will constantly make me cups of tea all day. Yesterday, I watched her baby go on the naughty step, then come back to have some dinner which I guess her baby didn’t eat because she went back on the naughty step. It was hilarious to watch! 

     She loves to copy what I do and helps with the housework; she gets the brush and brushes the floor and will hold the hoover as I vacuum. She likes to put the washing in the washing machine and brings me the clothes to hang on the maiden. It’s so funny!




She is a very independent and strong willed little girl. And she lets me know it. If I ask her ‘do you want help?’ I’m normally met with a very stern ‘NO!’ or sometimes even a scream. We’re trying to get her to stop shouting so loud but thats like asking a dog not to bark at the moment. She can let out the most almighty high pitched scream when she doesn’t get her own way and poor Lucas (who is very sensitive anyway) will jump out of his skin.

     We just introduced the naughty step and she’s doing very well with it. She will just sit there until we come back to get her and she will sit quietly, almost like she’s not all that bothered sometimes.

She was always a cuddly baby but since she’s become a toddler who can actually say ‘cuggle!’ I’ve never had so many hugs. I’m loving it. She asks for kisses and will purse her little lips up at you wanting kisses. Something that she does with Phil, which I think is super cute, is kiss the top of his head. When you come home from work or being out, she will run to the front door when she hears the keys jingling and sometimes you wont even be through the door before she’s wrapped herself around your legs.



I think we are going to have to start introducing the potty soon. Not to actually potty train but to make her understand what it is and what it is for. She’s getting so big that I’m concerned that she wont fit into the nappies soon so I want to maybe get her in the right mind frame about the potty. She can tell us when she has gone ‘wee wee’ or ‘poo poo’ so she’s getting there and she knows that she sits on the potty, she doesn’t put it on her head or anything! 

She can feed herself now which is amazing. I love watching her trying to work a spoon or a fork and if you ask if she wants help its another adamant ‘no!’ She is pretty good with it actually and also loves food that she can use her hands with. I recently bought her a little velcro food set and she loves using the little knife to cut it all up. 

She also had her very first nap in a ‘big girl bed’ the other day. I nearly cried.



I’ll try and do one of these updates every so often. I think it will be fun for me to to be able to look back and see what she was doing at what age. Especially now that I’ve had Lucas; it will be interesting to see where he is at 20 months old!

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