A Day in the Life of 2 Under 2

     Since having Lucas, a few people have asked me ‘how I’m coping’ and ‘how is it?’ with 2 under 2. My answer is always ‘I’m actually really enjoying it!’ Sure there are moments when it can be a bit stressful…there is no more fresh hell than when both of them are screaming, but I’ve always been a person who likes to be busy. 2 under 2 definitely keeps you busy! Once I’m finished sorting something for Sadie, I have to sort something for Lucas so I’m constantly on the go! Here’s a run down of our day 🙂

(See my blog ‘Tips for Surviving 2 Under 2‘)

7amLucas normally starts to stir at around this time for his morning bottle. It also seems to be the time when Sadie wakes up too. If she does wake up earlier, she tends to just chat to her teddies until we go get her so it gives me some time to sort my head out. I run downstairs and make Lucas’ bottle up and get Sadie’s milk sorted as well. She is on 9oz of cows milk in the morning and last thing at night which must be microwaved for exactly 1 minute, no more, no less or she wont drink it. Diva.

I’ll go get her and bring her down to the living room where she lies on her elephant cushion and has her milk while she watches kids stuff on TV. While she’s occupied I’ll go get his moses basket to bring down and the empty bottles from the night feeds. He is normally awake and ready for his bottle by this point and it’s handy to have it all ready to go. I don’t like him to get to the point where he’s screaming for milk. Breastfeeding for 6 weeks helped me to read his feeding cues pretty well so that has really helped.

Straight after her bottle Sadie will normally want one of her little Oat Bars so I’ll make myself a coffee and have a breakfast bar myself. It’s become our little routine and she likes to ‘Cheers!’ bars together. Cute.



9/9:30amSadie loves her food so this is when she’ll normally let me know she wants breakfast. I’ll normally make her porridge, weetabix or scrambled eggs on days when I have more time or a non-clingy baby. Lucas is usually pretty good and will sit chilling in his bouncer on the top of our kitchen island. He loves his bouncer, especially when the vibration is turned on.



10amLucas will normally have a nap at around this time. It can be anything from 30 minutes to an hour. At about 10:30 Sadie will normally want her nap for the day. I’m very lucky that she loves her sleep and hasn’t dropped this yet. She normally has about an hour to 90 minutes. Lucas has a bottle every 3-4hours so he will normally want his next bottle around this time as well. I’ll feed him his bottle and then go make myself some lunch. Then we’ll have cuddles or do tummy time or read his black and white book. This is my only opportunity to focus just on him so I try to take advantage of it.

Sometimes he’ll just want to sleep so I’ll watch my latest Netflix binge and have a cup of tea and some chocolate. Mum time is essential for me! I take Sadie’s nap in the morning as my little break between morning and afternoon ‘shifts’. It’s like my little reset ready for an afternoon of playing tea party!

12pm I’ll make Sadie some lunch when she wakes up. We have a small TV in our kitchen so we normally put on a DVD for her (usually some form of Disney) and she will just sit there and eat her lunch quietly while she watches that. At the moment she’s obsessed with Moana. I try and limit her screen time to just this in the day. There is always some form of Disney DVD playing in the background but I try and get her to play with her toys and draw etc. I would just switch the TV off but she likes to dance to the songs that come on. (And it gives me something to focus on other than my phone when she’s off independently playing).

After lunch we spend the afternoon playing. She has a ridiculous amount of toys and books so there’s no shortage of things to do. Her favourite toys at the moment are her tea set and her Aquadoodle. She sits there and orders me about on what to draw.


I will try and get some laundry or housework done if I can. I’ve learnt to just let it go if I can though. Kids really do grow so fast and I don’t want to miss things because I needed to wash some dishes that could have waiting until they were sleeping.

3pm Lucas will have his next bottle around now. He’s having 6oz at the moment and we’re using Aptamil formula. He’s on day 3 of being fully on formula so I’m still having to pump every now and then to avoid getting engorged. I’m adding the expressed breastmilk to the formula so it’s not going to waste and he’s still getting some boob! He’s quite a windy baby so needs quite a few breaks through having his bottle and then needs to be burped for quite a while afterwards.

Sadie will normally go and get her Baby Doll at this point and copy me feeding him the bottle. When I was breastfeeding she would lift her shirt up and put the baby to her chest, (I cried it was so cute!) She’ll even copy me burping him. I feel bad for her doll, she gets beaten black and blue!

5pm (Writing this I’m realising how much my child eats!) This is Sadie’s dinner time. We’re quite strict at dinner and she isn’t allowed any ‘treats’ unless she eats all her dinner. So no yoghurt or chocolate buttons after if she hasn’t tried any or not eaten enough. Sometimes our portion size is the problem so we will let her off on that occasion.

6:30pmSadie will have her evening bottle of milk, 9oz. We put 5 drops of the vitamins in this bottle. We’re using the NHS Healthy Start drops. We used these at first because I was going to get her weighed every month for the baby book and they sell them at the clinic. Once I was back to work it was harder to get there and we tried some different ones (I forget the name; just ones from Boots)… she hated them! They didn’t go in her bottle and you had to give her them in a syringe and she would just instantly spit them out. So now that I’m back at the weighing clinic regularly I picked some more up of the Healthy Start.


She again will lie on her elephant while she has her milk and watches whatever is playing in the DVD player. While she’s lying there I’ll change her nappy so she’s sorted for the night. This is the easiest nappy change of the day because she’s being fed, she’s still. Once she’s finished we let her play for a little longer before heading up to bed at around 6:50pm to brush her teeth and read some books. We read on her rocking chair and then she goes straight down after a cuddle and kisses. She needs to sleep with her Minnie and Bunny or she wont sleep. She goes straight down and is an amazing sleeper. We wont see her again now until 7am!

Lucas is a pretty unsettled baby so all through the afternoon, he’s either being cuddled by me, bounced in the bouncer, awake in the bouncer with the vibrate turned on or sleeping. I want to baby wear him more around the house so that I can get things done but when Sadie is awake she likes to fling herself at you for cuddles and she would most likely hurt him. I’m not about to stop her or shout at her for giving me strong hugs so baby wearing isn’t really an option when she is around.

7pm Lucas will have another 6oz bottle around this time. We put Dentinox in his evening bottles because he suffers with a lot of wind. We found that this helped with Sadie when she was a baby and it seems to be helping him. He takes his bottle well despite this and I’ll try and sit him upright against my legs for a bit afterwards. This also means he’s looking at me and I get lots of smiles. We’re not doing a strict bedtime routine for him yet, he’s only 7 weeks old, but we are trying to differentiate between night and day. Once I’m sure all his wind is gone, I turn the main light off and have one lamp on in the room so its relatively dark. The TV is still on but quietly and we talk in lower voices after 7:30pm. It’s something we read when pregnant with Sadie so that they know that night is dark and quiet and time to sleep and in the day we make the feeds very loud and bright and chatty. He loves to be swaddled so we swaddle him tightly and then put him down in the moses basket.

The first few weeks he wouldn’t settle in the basket at all but now he is settling quite well at night. He goes to sleep pretty quickly and then doesn’t wake up until his next bottle.



9pm I go to bed! Yay! The best way his routine works for us is that Phil does the later feed and I do the early morning. So I go to bed early and get a chunk of sleep before I’m up at 3am. I’ll take my make-up off, brush my teeth and snuggle under the duvet. I normally watch some of my YouTube subscriptions, check my Instagram and answer some emails. Then switch off at 9:30pm and try and read for half an hour. I say try because I normally fall asleep after about 2 pages.

11/12pm Lucas wakes up for his last bottle of the day. Phil feeds him, changes him and brings him up to our bed. He puts Lucas in the bed with me while he goes and brings the moses basket up and then puts him down. I don’t know if it’s because we started the quiet, dark thing at night but he is always very sleepy after this bottle and normally stays this way despite being moved around.

3/4amLast bottle (or first bottle) of the day. We leave the landing light on of a night so that our room stays pretty dark. I go down and make the bottle up using the perfect prep (this thing is a life saver!) Feed him, change him, swaddle him. I sit him up against my legs for about 15 minutes again to make sure he doesn’t have any wind/reflux; I try not to make too much eye contact or talk/play with him and tend to just look at some instagram posts to try and keep myself awake.

I put him back down in the moses and try and get back to sleep as soon as I can.

And it all starts again at 7am!


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