4 Week Newborn Update

A Bit About You

Midwife came today and weighed you again. You weigh 7lbs 5oz now so you’re past your birth weight. You’re quite a fussy baby sleeping or awake. You’re only settled when being held by someone which we don’t mind when you’re awake but we’re trying to put you down when you’re sleeping so you get used to your moses basket. It seems to be as soon as you’re in there that you start to fuss but I cant hold you all night so it’s something that you’re going to have to get used to.

We’ve moved onto formula from 8pm – 8am now. You just want to cluster feed from 4pm onwards and then we think that your witching hour is around 8pm as well. So at 8pm we do a 4oz bottle of formula; it just settles you straight away and it also means Daddy can feed you so I can go to the toilet! Shower! Eat! And then I know that your not hungry then so the pressure is off me as well. I can have a bit of my evening back even if it is only for 3 hours!

A Bit About Me

16th March – I’m tired and stressed out. I cant decide whether to continue with combi-feeding or just put you on formula. Your tongue tie appointment isn’t until 8th March but they wont cut it if your not breastfeeding so I’m considering continuing as we are until then. Then that would be 6 weeks of boob that you had so I think that is pretty good going. I don’t know how easy it would be once Daddy has gone back to work and we have Sadie to deal with on our own.

22nd March – we’re sticking with combi-feeding until the tongue tie appointment and then moving onto formula after that. I’m still really not enjoying it; I feel like i’m constantly stuck to the couch and can’t even enjoy the sit down because Sadie will need something and it stressed me out. Which then I think you must pick up on because you unlatch and get all cranky. You only feed well if I’m still and don’t make any noise.

What We Have Been Up To

We had our first day alone together on Sunday…you survived so I still remember how to look after a newborn. You were a very good boy all day and then witching hour started and it all went a bit awry but Daddy was back by that point so it was bearable.

We booked onto a term of Baby Sensory which starts in April. I’m so excited to get out with you and do some baby classes; even just doing something simple like a food shop.

We went to town on Tuesday just to get out the house for a bit; we bought you a very cute bobble hat because the one we brought with us didn’t fit your fat head.

Mummy also made your Thank You cards because we got your photos back from the photoshoot and I’m trying to get your nursery sorted out. I’ve taken Sadie’s posters and art out and replacing it with photos of you and your own art.




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