2 Week Newborn Update

A Bit About You

You got weighed on Wednesday and you dropped weight by 6.1% from your birth weight. So you’re now 6lbs 10oz. (Birth weight was 7lbs 1.5oz). You’re allowed to drop up to 10% so you’re okay for now and you’ll get weighed again on Monday. You are feeding well and we’re getting into a bit of a rhythm although nights are the worst. You feed well but then just wont settle your moses basket. Sometimes you get so annoyed that nothing will help you – we think that you’re witching hours are from 10pm – 1am. You don’t give me much time to read your feeding cues. You maybe munch on your hands for 10 seconds and then start screaming and then you wont latch because you’re so upset.

Friday 9.1.18 – You were weighed again today and you gained weight again so now you’re 6lbs 15oz. Yay!

A Bit About Me

I am really starting to struggle with breastfeeding. I’m just not enjoying it at all. When I fed Sadie I got a lovely feeling of oxytocin when she latched and its just something I’m not getting with you. I don’t know if it’s because of the tongue tie or the nipple shields but it just isn’t happening which I am gutted about because thats the part I was looking forward to the most. I’m trying to persevere with nursing until your tongue tie appointment so maybe I’ll get that lovely feeling after that is done and also, people keep telling me the first 3 weeks of nursing are the hardest so maybe it will get easier. Lets just try and make it to week 3! I think what I’m finding the hardest is the night feeding; it’s all on me to do every one and its exhausting. Daddy is getting up to pass you to me because me stomach hurts too much but then I have to try and stay awake all on my own. Its tough to try and stay awake so I don’t smother you with my boob. We have tried to do some feeding with me lying down but then I have actually fallen asleep sometimes with you in the bed!

What We Have Been Up To

Not much this week again really. We’ve had a few visitors to the house but we’ve not really left the house! We’re both very tired! We went to Nanny’s house for dinner and you slept the entire time which was nice because I got to eat a full meal without having to do it one handed.

We got you registered on Tuesday so you are all official 🙂 then we went shopping afterwards and picked up a few bits. We had to return some shoes for your sister and Daddy bought you an enormous Monkey teddy (we call you Monkey Man because you’re so hairy!) and then he took us for a nice lunch.

I left you with Daddy for the first time to be fed with some expressed milk. I wanted to do it sooner rather than later to avoid anxiety and I think I coped quite well. It was nice to get out the house and as much as I am happy breastfeeding is working it was nice to not be permanently attached to you. Daddy came to pick me up and we brought you inside and ended up staying for another 20 minutes after my appointment was over because everyone wanted to hold you!

We had a photoshoot for you on Thursday. 🙂 We used a different company that for Sadie’s shoot and she brought a ton of props and baskets and outfits. You looked super cute in every single shot (I may be a little bias) and we actually managed to get some of you and Sadie together. You were such a good boy through the whole thing but got a little cranky toward the end because you wanted to sleep and we kept disturbing you. I cant wait to see the finished pictures!



(If anyone is interested the photographer we used is Jo Tilley Photography – she was amazing with my little man, so patient and gentle. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking to do a newborn shoot!)

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