1 Week Newborn Update

Like my pregnancy updates I want to keep these as honest as possible so I’m copying them straight out of my baby book.

     I have the ‘Bump to Birthday – Pregnancy and First Year Journal’ (link here) and I love it because there is plenty of space to write all your thoughts and feelings down so you’ll remember this time forever. I like that the way they lay it out so it’s like you’re writing to the baby.  🙂

A Bit About You

     You are amazing! 1st night in hospital you cluster fed like crazy which was okay because I had mentally prepared for it, plus we were on the post-op bay for the night and the midwives were right there so I felt very supported. The 2nd night was harder – I was exhausted. You were cluster feeding again, plus I was in a lot more pain because I had started healing. The midwife suggested giving you some donor milk because you were still so unsettled even though you had been on the boob for 6 hours straight. You guzzled 15mls of donor milk without taking a breath which made me feel a little crap but my milk hasn’t come in yet so maybe that was why. Eventually the midwife took you off to reception for an hour just so I could get some sleep; I think she could see that I was near breaking point because I was so tired. They confirmed that you have a tongue tie on the 2nd day so that is making it harder for you to latch but I’m determined to keep going. 

A Bit About Me

     I am exhausted and overwhelmed. When they told me that you have a tongue tie I was devastated because there was no one to cut it for weeks and to go privately costs too much money. I thought our breastfeeding journey was over before it really began. About 4 different people from the feeding team came to talk to me about plans to keep it going and each one sounded more horrendous. Nipple shields and pumping and sterilising…ah! We managed to make a plan eventually and my milk came in around day 3-4. I’m pumping once or twice a day to build up a supply of top-ups because you cant take donor milk home and I really want to avoid formula if we can. 

     I had Baby Blues on Day 5 – it was after a very long night of you being up ALL night feeding and I mean ALL night. I very nearly quit. I actually quit with Sadie on my Baby Blues day and regretted it so I managed to power through. I’ve set myself a little goal of at least making it to a week which I think is doable. I just need some sleep. 

What We Have Been Up To

     Not much. We were in the hospital for a day longer than we expected to be because I was in quite a lot of pain and we needed to get the feeding plan sorted. We’ve arranged a referral for your tongue tie and we’ll be waiting on that for a few weeks. Mel has lent me a pump for home we have a little routine going now. 

     We’ve had some visitors; I told your Daddy that I only wanted grandparents and aunty’s/uncles for the first week so I could actually have some time with you. Friends can visit next week.
     We went for a wander to Nanny’s shop because I was starting to go stir crazy and needed some fresh air. I managed to walk there okay but the way back was tougher. I was using your pram practically like a zimmer frame for the last stint of it. I’m gonna have to take it easier for the next few days. 

     We took Sadie to Popcats on Friday and it was our first time feeding in public. I was worried that I would be anxious about it but it was absolutely fine. It was a bit of a faff trying to get the nipple shields on and try and remain a little discreet but we managed. I feel like I got some kind of breastfeeding stripes. 


     I’m hoping to do weekly updates for the first 4 weeks and then maybe move onto monthly updates. I’m going to be doing some for my baby girl too…although she’s not much of a baby anymore. I don’t know if it’s because I have a newborn but she feels like a proper little girl now! I want to document her updates so I remember little moments! They grow up so fast! 

One thought on “1 Week Newborn Update

  1. Well done, mama! Those long nights and baby blues are no fun.
    My youngest seems huge to me now even though she’s only 19m, lol. Like you said, a proper little girl compared to my three week old!


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