My Birth Story – Planned C-section

After having a C-section with Sadie because she was breech, we decided on another section for this baby. A nice, calm, planned section. (See my blog ‘Why I Chose a Planned Section’ – coming soon).

We got our date for the caesarean at around 23 weeks after an appointment with the consultant. We discussed VBAC but after doing a lot of research and discussing with the consultant decided that a C-section was the way I wanted to go. We got our scheduled date for the 26th January 2018 which would put me at 39+1 weeks.

I was absolutely terrified that I wouldn’t make my date and would go into labour early. I really wanted all the perks of having a planned section and was really looking forward to the immediate skin to skin in theatre, something you cant get when its an emergency. Luckily our little man stayed where he was supposed to and we went for our pre-op on the Wednesday 24th January. The midwife we spoke to was lovely, she talked us through everything that would happen on the day and what to expect afterwards. I had some blood taken to make sure my iron levels were ok before surgery and we went home to get ready.

We dropped Sadie off at my mums the night before. I was quite emotional at the thought of leaving her and this being the last time that it would just be me and her. Fortunately, she made it easier to leave her because she was being an absolute brat! She was cranky and tired and was constantly having tantrums at everything which was driving me insane. Ruined my little romantic goodbye I had planned but at least I didn’t get upset because I dont think I would be able to leave her others.

We had to arrive at the hospital at 7:15am on the Saturday. I woke up at 3am with major anxiety, I was so nervous. To distract myself I got up and started getting ready. I curled my hair and put some make-up on which was completely unnecessary but it kept my hands busy. It was this or clean the kitchen. I checked I had everything I needed with chargers, laptop, camera etc. We got to the hospital with 15 minutes to spare because I was going crazy. I found out that there was only me and one other lady on the planned list and that I was 2nd and would be going to theatre at 9:30am. They gave me the sexy surgery stockings to wear and a backless gown; im glad I packed my longer dressing gown otherwise I would have had my derriere hanging right out for all to see.


I was so nervous I had to do some yoga breathing to calm myself down. I could literally feel a panic attack brewing. They came to get me a little late at 10am and we walked down to theatre. The ODP was lovely and kept me laughing and calm. Once we were in there Phil quickly discovered that he knew one of the scrub nurses which it made it all a bit more calm. I was immediately ushered onto the bed and had my back sprayed with the coldest disinfectant ever. Twice. I think the ODP enjoyed it far too much because he had an evil little laugh.

They put a cannula in the back of my left hand which bloody hurt (this bothered me more than the needles in my spine last time). Then they gave me some LA in my back, it stings quite a bit but nothing unbearable…and I am complete wimp when it comes to needles. Now at this point i’m shivering because I have nothing covering my back which has just been sprayed with ice cold spray, my adrenaline has spiked and I’ve had some LA. And then they say ‘keep still for the spinal now!’ Are they kidding? I was shaking from head to toe! Spinal went in without a problem…you can feel your legs go nice and warm as if you’re getting into a bath. It’s actually quite a nice feeling. Then I lay down and they did the necessary tests to make sure I was numb. They put the catheter in as well which we wont go into in detail. Phil had been made to sit in the background while they did all this but as soon as they lay me down he was allowed to come and sit next to me. We got our playlist playing on the speakers that they had there and that calmed me down a lot. I had quite a few things going on down the end by my head so it was easy to forget what was going on behind the curtain. I hadn’t even realised that they had started until the anaesthetist said ‘all going well so far…’ This was actually quite nice for me because with Sadie they told me when they were starting and I was terrified I was going to feel something.

The major difference between an emergency and a planned section is the time they take. It was definitely a lot faster with Sadie and I remember thinking a few times, ‘is everything ok?’ because they were taking so much time. After about 20 minutes they said I would feel a lot of pushing on my stomach. What they didn’t tell me was that it would feel like a sumo wrestler jumping up and down on my ribs as well! I has asked that the screen be lowered so that I could see him when he came out and when they did…oh my god….woooosh! I instantly loved him. It hit me hard that he was mine and I started crying. We had asked for delayed cord clamping as well so after a minute or 2 they cut the cord and took him off to the corner to do all the checks they needed to and give him his Vitamin K injection. Then they unwrapped him and put him under my gown. He has the biggest eyes and was just so perfect to me. I actually turned to Phil and said ‘oh my god Phil, he’s mine. He’s actually mine!’ which he thought was quite cute.


After I was all stitched up and sorted, they moved me to the recovery bay. We did our first feed which was what I had been looking forward to the most after meeting him. It was abruptly interrupted though when I started to feel really dizzy and threw up. I had a weird reaction to the spinal this time I think and felt crappy for a few hours after this. They gave me some awesome anti-sickness meds though. Once I was feeling better they moved me to the post-op bay where we were allowed visitors. We waited a few hours before inviting people up so we could just enjoy him.

Lucas Stephen, born 26th January 2018. Weight: 7lbs 1.5oz. Time: 10:37am

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