My 2nd Pregnancy

    I am 39 weeks pregnant on Thursday and having my section on 39+1 so I thought that I would do an update of what is my last week of pregnancy! I cant believe that I am having this baby already; it has gone so fast, I cant believe that we are here already. 

     Apart from the usual complaints, bad back, sore boobs, fatigue it has been a pretty easy pregnancy. No complications, no bad test results; it has all been pretty smooth flowing. 

     We have had a few scares. I had a lot of stress at the very beginning of the pregnancy and we actually had a Private scan at 16 weeks just to make sure everything was okay. I cried a lot when I saw the little heartbeat ticking away and the baby moving about. I think I made the sonographer a little uncomfortable! It’s always nice to see your little baby again too. 

     At 20 weeks we went abroad to Menorca for a 2 week holiday. The 2nd day there we realised that Sadie had contracted Slapped Cheek Syndrome which according to Dr. Google is very bad for pregnant people. We text a few doctor and midwife friends and they said as long as I didn’t get any symptoms then I should be okay but to get a blood test when I got home to ensure I hadn’t caught anything. When I got home I had blood tests done and everything came back fine.

     At 22 weeks we were out shopping and I started to feel like I was having contractions. I was having pains every 15 minutes and they were getting more intense. I went to triage and got checked out and they confirmed that I was having tightenings which were being caused by the start of a UTI. They also wanted to do a speculum just to check everything was good on my cervix and found what they thought was a polyp. They referred me to Colposcopy for a check and I was given a course of antibiotics for the UTI. 

     I had an appointment at Colposcopy a few weeks later and they took a biopsy of the supposed polyp. It wasn’t acting like a polyp but it wasn’t acting like anything too abnormal either. I got the results a few weeks later saying that the results were inadequate and I needed another biopsy!

     At 28 weeks I was starting to get a little fed up and there didn’t seem like there was anything nice about this pregnancy so my husband suggested a 4D scan. I had really wanted one with Sadie but because we were scared of finding out the gender we didn’t get one. We finally booked one after being assured that we wouldn’t go near the baby’s ‘area’. We got some really good photos despite the baby having its feet up by its face.


     I was 31 weeks when we went for the 2nd appointment and biopsy and the results came back okay. I need to go back 3 months after having the baby for another check so thats not quite over with yet but I’m not worried. (I’ll update everyone once I get the results).

     I finally finished work at 36 weeks and everything has been perfect after that. I’ve been very calm and relaxed and had no pregnancy related problems since receiving the clops copy results. Thank god! All of the above was enough! Since starting Maternity Leave I have been nesting like crazy! I’ve been batch cooking so we have a freezer full of food ready for the first few weeks when we don’t really want to be cooking complicated meals. I’ve made an enormous amount of spaghetti sauce that we can use for cottage pies and spaghetti bolognese. 

I’ve been sorting out clothes that we no longer wear, handbags that I haven’t used and given them to charities. I’ve organised the nursery for the new baby; washed all the moses basket sheets and washed all the baby’s clothes and put them away in a mentally organised way. I’ve made sure I keep on top of all the laundry and had a sort out of all Sadie’s toys. Anything to try and create some space for all the baby stuff that is coming our way. 

     Ill do a few updates on the rest of my pregnancy over the next few weeks so there will probably be a little bit of a cross-over when I’ve had the baby but I’ll schedule them so you guys still have something to read while I’m trying to get my head around 2 babies under 2. I doubt I’ll have much time to write many blog posts in those first few weeks! 

Wish me luck!

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