38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

     This is the last full week of pregnancy for me! Week 39 will literally be 1 day for me as I’m having my section at 39+1. Here we go:
A Bit About Me

I don’t know if it’s because i know you’re engaged now but I feel like your head is practically…there! As in you are going to come out if I put my foot down too hard and I get shooting pains right through my…well you get the idea. 

     I’m getting very anxious now, I’m scared about my section in general, no one wants to get sliced open but I’m really eager to make it to our scheduled date and have a nice planned section. I’ve officially never been this pregnant before. Sadie was born at 38+3 and I’m 38+4 today! I’m scared to walk too far because I know long walks can set off labour.

     Daddy and me took a risk and went to the shops before; we even went to Wilkinsons to buy some bits and bobs! Luckily my waters didn’t break; we figured the chance of it happening again was unlikely. We made it in and out without any dramas! 

What We Have Been Up To

I managed to get my root tint done and have my nails done. Midwife at my GP basically said that I can fake ignorance and keep my shellac on because if I start to die then they won’t really care about my fingernail. BUT the midwife today said that I had to soak them off for theatre. I’m not going to risk death to keep shellac on so I’m having a manicure tomorrow. 

     There was a baby sale on at Aldi so we managed to get a few things for you. We got a new changing mat for the bathroom and some Call Plug-Ins (I’ve heard amazing things about them for when babies are sick). My breast pump and storage bags have arrived as well so that’s nice to know they are here ready. (If breastfeeding works out I’ll do a review on the pump I got).

     We’ve caught up on scrapbooks and we’re all organised with your room. The house needs to be cleaned but I’m scared to do much incase it puts me into labour. We had our last yoga session tonight which was weird…this group is quite chatty and I’m a bit gutted we didn’t get chance to make some friends. 

     We had our pre-op today; our midwife who is going to be in theatre with us is so lovely. Planned sections sound amazing too. Daddy took us out for lunch afterwards and we made a playlist for theatre so we can have some of our favourite songs playing while you’re being delivered. Im so excited to meet you!!


     Next post will be the trials and tribulations of my 2nd pregnancy. Then we’ll have the exciting Birth Story of our 2nd baby shortly afterwards. I can’t wait to see what we got from the stork! 

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