37 Week Pregnancy Update

These updates are taken right out of my Baby Book so what you’re reading is exactly how I am feeling and what we have been up to. I write as thought I am writing to the baby; I think it will be more fun for them to read when they’re older.

     I got the ‘Bump to Birthday- pregnancy & first year journal’ for both my baby books. I like that it documents the whole pregnancy week to week and then goes onto their first birthday and important milestones. Ill put the link to it here.

A Bit About Me

I feel like you have dropped. I feel like you aren’t in my ribs anymore and like i can actually breathe. I’m worried that I’m getting a chest infection right before we go in for our c-section which is just fantastic timing. I also thought that my waters had gone after Popcats on Friday but it was a false alarm thank god. 

     We went to the Midwife today and everything is fine; you wiggle around a lot as soon as the doppler goes anywhere near you. You’ve done it at every scan so I think you either can feel the cold gel or you don’t like being poked! You’re 1/5 engaged now! Only 9 days to go! My anxiety is quite bad apparently that’s normal along with bad sciatica pain from your engaged head. 

What We Have Been Up To

Daddy wanted to take Sadie swimming on Saturday but we stayed on the balcony! I want to know if my waters go and cant really tell if I’m in the pool…plus while im this big its like moving through syrup. Thats why no Aquanatal classes this time! We had a playdate with Lyla and James on Friday…they came to our house because I’m so paranoid about catching the flu that I’m trying to quarantine myself as much as possible.

     We had our Baby Shower on Sunday which was so much fun! Aunty Emma did such good job on the party…it was a quiet one with just a few friends and mainly Mummy’s family but still a lot of fun 🙂 Daddy was happy to come home to some party food. 

     We also had a lovely pamper this week; Mummy had her nails done, a pedicure and brows shaped and tinted. I figured that it will be a very lonnnng time before I get to pamper myself again so I’m taking advantage of the free time while I can.



     I’m turning 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow but figured I would do a few of these updates so there is at least something posted for you guys to read. I loved reading pregnancy updates with Sadie because I could see what symptoms and feelings other women were having. I know everyone and every pregnancy is different but it’s nice to know someone is having similar thoughts/issues. 

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