Whats in my Hospital Bag – Planned C-section

     I really wanted to one of these posts as soon as I started this blog. When I was pregnant with my first baby I spent so much time googling and watching YouTube videos to see what women found useful or pointless. There are some good lists out there but I wanted real women with real stories.

     One of the things I found hard was videos or lists for a C-Section. With Sadie I had a bag packed for a natural delivery and as mentioned in previous posts, I didn’t get chance to pack for a caesarean so I was short a few days worth of stuff. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but I also couldn’t seem to find a really comprehensive list for a UK NHS hospital either so I thought it would be really helpful to do my own list of what I was packing based on having done it once before. I know what to expect this time and know how many days to pack for.

     So I’m basing my list on my 4 day stay last time. I think the average for a section is 3-5 days; obviously completely dependant on you and your baby. 


My hospital bag is actually a suitcase! Well, a hand luggage case. I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole new bag when this would have worked just as well. It’s handy that its on wheels and meant i could balance other stuff on the top and still have a hand free. (Not that this was an issue for me but the thought was there for my husband!)

So lets dive in:


Dressing gown and Slippers – it still haunts me that I didn’t get a chance to pack slippers last time and had to walk to theatre in compression socks and open-toed sandals. 

Fluffy sleep socks

6 pairs of underwear – really big ones…like…really big! To the point where your husband constantly dices with death and makes fun of you because he’s running out of room in the drawer because they’re so big. Big enough that they come up over your bump and no where near your scar.

4 nighties (2 regular but stretchy, 2 nursing ones) – I got these 2 nursing nighties from Happy Mama Boutique. Reasonably priced and really soft. 

2 nursing bras – these were from Mothercare and I got the sleep bras. I didn’t have any bras packed last time as I was still unsure of how I was going to feed. Either way you feed its handy to have a very comfy bra to be able to put some breast pads in. Your boobs leak whether your formula feeding or not!

Leggings and a Jumper – I have maternity leggings from New Look that are huge and comfy and a big baggy jumper that will keep me toasty when we leave the hospital. 




Dry Shampoo

Sanex Body Wash

Toothbrushes (for me and hubby) and toothpaste


Alcohol Hand Gel

Cotton Pads

Mircellar Water


Always Night Pads

Disposable Underwear – now bare with me, may be a bit TMI. When my friend told me about this I laughed in her face but she swore it was the best thing she packed. It was for me too.  If you get the Tena Lady incontinence underwear they are so comfortable and perfect for postpartum bleeding. I would put a sanitary towel in there as well for extra protection. To be honest, I didn’t bleed much; apparently you don’t after a section but it was nice not having a ton of laundry to do when I got home. 



Antibacterial Wipes




I brought my whole make-up bag with me the first time and didn’t wear a thing. You are too tired and just do not care, even for photos. However, then I look back at photos and do think ‘eek, where are my eyebrows?’ so I am taking the bare minimum this time. 

BB Cream

Eyebrow Pencil






Random Bits

Hairbrush and Hair Bobbles

Breast Pads and Nipple Cream

Pregnancy Multivitamins

Wet Bags

Plastic Bag (for laundry)

Boppy Pillow





    That’s basically it. I used to over pack all the time but since having a baby I seem to have a knack for packing just enough for exactly what I need. If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment or message me. I’m happy to answer any questions 🙂

Hope this helps guys 🙂



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