What I’ve bought my Toddler for Christmas

I’ve really been stressing about Christmas presents for Sadie this year. She’s 17 months old and is entertained by an envelope so I knew I didn’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money, especially with another baby on the way but I also didn’t want to just ‘forget’ about her either! 

We decided to try and keep the gifts to a maximum of 5 things because she has hundreds of toys that she already doesn’t play with so it seemed silly to add more to the pile. This is what we decided on in the end.

1) Baby Doll

Sadie is now at an age where she copies absolutely everything I do. I found her trying to put eyebrow pencil on the other day. Knowing that she will want to ‘help’ a lot with the new baby we decided to buy her a baby doll so that she can have her own baby to look after. We got this doll from Smyths Toy Store and it was only £15. There was a massive selection of dolls but this one seemed the best choice for size, its hard bodied so she can bath her and it didn’t look like the baby from Dinosaurs! Some of them are creepy looking things!


We’ve co-ordinated with Grandparents and Aunty’s who have also bought a pram, a bath, a bouncer and a highchair for her new baby. 


2) Baby Cot

I didn’t actually buy this; this was my sisters from when she was little and has been passed around the family for years. It’s now made its way back to me so Sadie has somewhere for her baby to go to sleep.

I love the canopy on it, I just think its so girly and pretty. I have all these romantic ideas of Sadie tucking her doll in at night time when I put the baby to bed…when it will probably be more likely that the doll will be flung on the floor in the corner of the kitchen for me to tidy up later but hey, the thought’s there.



3) Aqua Doodle

I’ve been trying to keep weapons of mass destruction (pens and crayons) away from her for as long as possible but I also know she loves colouring when she’s in nursery. My sister-in-law has an Aquadoodle for her little girls and it seemed like the most fun she could have without me having crayon all over my floor and walls. It’s essentially a pen that you fill with water and the mat changes colour when you draw on it. There might be some water to clean up afterwards but who cares! There isn’t any sharpie marker on my walls! Hurrah! 


I got this one from Amazon.


4) Paint Apron

I got this gorgeous paint apron from My 1st Years in the Black Friday sale. I only stopped to look at it because the model child had the name ‘Sadie’ on her apron and it was like it was calling for me to buy it. You can personalise it with your child’s name and the best part about it was that the paints and the brush came as part of the set! 



I was especially excited when I saw the lovely packaging it arrived in! The apron came wrapped in lovely tissue paper and I’m going to use the box as a little memory box because it’s such great quality. The apron itself is fantastic quality; it has some lovely floral material on the inside, very Cath Kidston-esque which I love and is very soft and padded so if you wanted to just put it over their skin it wouldn’t irritate them. Can’t wait to get some artwork done for the fridge!


5) Armchair

When I was young I had a little rocking chair that I would love to sit in while I watched my TV shows. My dad actually found it in the attic a while back and had it fixed and up-cycled. It looks gorgeous. Of course, now that it is all pretty again the grandparents have decided to keep it at their house because Sadie also loves to sit in it and watch films. Resulting in me buying this cute and squishy armchair for her for our own living room. 

There are 3 different styles on the Dunelm site; blue and white stripes, white with multi-coloured dots and pink with white polka dots. With Sadie having a pink bedroom and then also having a pink wall in the living room it made sense to get the pink with white polka dots. Then it can be moved to different rooms and not look completely out of place.


This was £35 from Dunelm online.


6) Utensil Set

As I said before, Sadie is copying everything we do so she wants to help us cook, clean…everything! We saw this little Utensil set in Aldi when we were doing our weekly food shop and thought because she is forever trying to get into our cupboards to play with the spoons and whisks that this would be a perfect present for her. And it was £5!


Aldi also had a lovely wooden play kitchen that I really wanted to buy but I think that she is still too young. It was only £30 and I was so tempted to just get it and wrap it for her birthday in July but as I said at the beginning, we’re on a budget and I didn’t want to buy things that I just didn’t think she would play with.

Hope this has helped anyone that is struggling with Christmas present ideas! I’ve linked as many things as I could to make life easier for anyone thinking about getting the same things 🙂

Happy shopping!


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