What’s in my Changing Bag

I’ve had a few DM’s about what I carry in my changing bag so now my blog is up and running I can finally answer everyone!

It’s hard to know what to take out with you when you first have a baby. I was so tempted to pack everything including the kitchen sink just incase I needed it.

I started out with one of the Pacapod bags and whilst the feeding and changing pods are a really good idea, they don’t actually leave much room for anything else in the bag. Maybe I was carrying too much in it but either way, it didn’t work for me.

I moved onto my trusty Cath Kidston bag which held everything perfectly, came with pram straps and was made from a handy wipeable material. It was £75 which also made it £20 cheaper than the Pacapod which is always a good thing! It has plenty of pockets on the inside, a smaller removable pouch and a padded changing mat at the back. It also came with a matching thermal bottle holder.



So this is a list of everything I took out with me on a daily basis; whether I had classes, coffee dates or if I was just doing a food shop!

In the removable pouch I keep 4 nappies, a pack of travel wipes, a mini sudocreme, nappy sacks, a mini hand sanitiser and a foldable changing mat. This pouch is so handy because it means I don’t have to take the whole changing bag to the toilets with me; I can just grab this and have everything I need.



2 Muslin cloths

2 Bibs

Ella’s Kitchen Pouch – just incase I’m out later than expected; at least I know I definitely have something to feedher.



2 Spare Outfits – when she was younger this consisted of a baby grow and a vest. Now that she’s older and the outfits are bigger I only carry the one and its normally some form of pants and a top or a romper. It depends on the weather/season.

Calpol & a Syringe

Antibacterial Wipes – it doesn’t matter if you’re a new mum or a veteran, these always come in handy.



Spare dummies

2 Wet Bags – when Sadie was teething the amount of outfits we went through was unbelievable. I carried these with me so I had somewhere to put the dirty clothes.

Tommee Tippee Flask – this was easily the best thing I bought for being out and about. The health and safety rules are ridiculous for getting hot water to heat a bottle through. Having this meant I didn’t have to hand over the milk to be forgotten about or wait around for someone to bring me some.

Formula – sometimes I would use ready made formula and sometimes I would use powder. It would depend on where I was going and how easy I needed life to be.

Snacks – I have little pots of rice cakes and fruit that ill give her in case she gets peckish in between feeds.

Water – I use the Tommee Tipeee beakers; they’re free flow which means spillage but they’re the ones the Health Visitors recommend.


Toys – i just throw some teething rings and maybe a teddy in the from pocket. She tends to be entertained by anything but her toys lately so these don’t get used often but still a good idea to have.

That’s pretty much it; sometimes there’s more, sometimes there’s less. Sometimes I forget to grab the bag at all! I try and make sure I ‘restock’ nappies and wipes each night to ensure I always have enough in there so if needed I can just grab the bag and go. It’s easier now that she’s weaned onto 3 meals a day and I don’t need to carry all the formula etc.

Everything mentioned above fit perfectly in the Cath Kidston bag. All my mummy friends currently have one and we all agree they are so well made and sturdy.

I have bought a new one for the 2nd baby which I am actually using as my Baby’s Hospital Bag; it’s a Pink Lining one which is just a little bigger because I am assuming I’ll be carrying more stuff. I’ll do a new ‘Whats in my Changing Bag’ once I’m (hopefully) leaving the house with two!

Hope this was helpful guys!

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