A Day in the Life of a Newborn

Well this is my very first blog post so I thought I may as well jump right in!

I had a few messages on my Instagram account about what my daily routine was with a newborn. Sadie is now 16 months old and obviously her routine is vastly different to when she was first born but I did keep a diary when she was young up until she was about 6 months old. So here is a general ‘day in the life of…’ from those entries…hope you enjoy!

My day normally starts by being woken up by the little squeaking infant in the basket next to me. Her normal waking time is about 8am (I know, I am spoilt) and she will entertain herself for about 10 minutes while I come to, check my morning paper (Instagram, Facebook and snapchat). This is the maximum I can leave her before she becomes a little more fussy.

I take her out the basket and we have some quick morning snuggles before we go downstairs and get her bottle ready. (I tried breastfeeding for about 2 weeks before I had to give up, see ‘My Breastfeeding Experience‘ blog). I chose Aptamil formula because a few friends had used it and had success; she seems to like it so I don’t see me changing it any time soon. She is 8 weeks old now and we have just put her onto 3-4oz bottles; she has one of these every 4 hours.

We are using the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine now that she is onto 4oz bottles which is making my life so much easier. It’s right next to my Tassimo coffee machine so I can prepare this at the same time. I also grab a little cereal bar just to keep me going until breakfast.

We go into the living room and she has her bottle while I watch re-runs of my soaps/things I have recorded from the TV. We learnt early on to not take the bottle from her half way through to try and wind her otherwise she screams bloody murder so we let her finish the whole thing before the burping begins.

I change her nappy and we have a little play on her play mat or bouncer. I tend to sit her in her bouncer and put BabyTV on while I go make a quick breakfast of toast or crumpets. Simple and easy food is the way forward with a newborn.

She doesn’t stay awake long, maybe 30 minutes before going back to sleep. I tend to take her back up to our room and pop her in the Moses basket while I make the bed and get ready for the day. She’ll sleep for about 3 hours until she is ready for her next bottle so I’ll tidy the house; take the night time bottles downstairs ready to be washed, sort out laundry, make the bed. Then I’ll do my hair and make-up, get dressed and pick an outfit for Sadie. She has been well and truly spoilt by Nanny with clothes so this is a mammoth task for someone like me who can’t make decisions. My outfit normally consists of leggings and some kind of floaty top to hide the post-baby belly. Autumn is coming so I should be able to wear jeans again soon if my belly flattens out a bit more.

I might text my mummy friends to see how they are getting on (we have a little mum group on Whatsapp where the 3 of us can panic together about the tiny humans). It’s aptly named ‘Baby Shiz’. I have been lucky enough to get pregnant and have babies with 2 of my best friends so that has been amazing to have them both to freak out about things together. Trust me, there’s a lot to freak out about.

When Sadie wakes up she’ll have another bottle and then I’ll get her dressed. Obviously what I pick is weather dependent and activity dependant. If we aren’t really going anywhere I’ll just put her in a baby grow but if we are going to a baby class I tend to put a little outfit on her just because it’s cuter. Priorities. Dressing her is probably one of my favourite times of day; I change her nappy and kiss her little belly and hands and we have a little bonding session. I’ll do some baby mimic, sing some songs and maybe a massage if we have time. (See my blog ‘Activities to do with your Newborn‘ for some more of the things I do to keep her entertained).

Once she’s ready we’ll go back downstairs and I’ll get her changing bag ready to go out; I always carry an extra bottle in case I’m out longer than I expected. I don’t want to turn down adult conversation and contact just because I don’t have enough formula with me.

If we have a baby class to go to which we probably do because I signed up to about 7, we’ll go to that and then maybe go for a coffee afterwards. If not I’ll come home and maybe prepare dinner ready to just throw in oven etc later if she’s sleeping. If there’s no prep needed and the house is tidy I try and have a nap myself which is a rare occurrence because I’ll always find something to do.

Between bottles and her being asleep, we will play, maybe go for a walk in the pram if the weather is nice. At about 6pm we do bath time which she loves. She is a water baby! She loves having her hair washed; she just lies there in her seat while we scrub her little fuzz and she smiles all the way through. I learnt a trick from YouTube to stop them screaming when you first put them in the bath; you soak a flannel and place it over their belly so that they feel more secure and warm because they cry a lot when they’re naked and feeling a bit vulnerable…who can blame them right?


After bath time we go to her room and get her dried on her changing table. When I was pregnant I played music to her a lot and whenever she kicked I added this song to a playlist. I put this playlist on when we’re getting her dry and she seems much more relaxed than when I don’t have it on so its turned into a little routine. I’ll get her into a nappy and then take off my top as well then we have a cuddle and some skin to skin time while we dance and sway to a few songs. Probably my favourite thing to do is skin to skin time with her.

Bedtime is after her last bottle (I realise that it’s probably too early for a bedtime routine but we wanted to start as we mean to go on). She is pretty much like clockwork with needing bottles every 4 hours so we do a bottle at 8pm and then after making sure we get some good wind up we do a book and pop her in the Moses basket which is downstairs in the living room with us.


We tend to try and stay awake till midnight for the next bottle and then carry her upstairs to put her down. Phil will tend to do the 4am bottle if he’s not in work till later on; if he’s on an early shift then I will do the bottle. Sometimes it’s nice for me to do it because I have family in Canada who I can text to try and stay awake while I’m feeding her. Some of my friends have put their Perfect Prep in their rooms next to them so they don’t have to get out of bed but I need to get up and move or I won’t wake up long enough to make the bottle! (TIP: One thing I learnt early on was to pre-measure the formula into those little storage pods during your very awake time in the day so you don’t have to try and remember how many scoops at 4am!)

And then at 8am it starts all over again! So that’s it! A day in the life of us! Our little routine is working well for us so that’s all that matters. The amount of ‘advice’ you get is overwhelming but just find what works for you and get your own rhythm and it will just click.

Hope you enjoyed reading guys!

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